GrubHub Is Bringing You The Best Pizza In Columbus From Bucceto’s

As the pandemic continues throughout the Columbus area, we want to make sure your pizza from Bucceto’s is never out of reach. Rather than the direct delivery you are used to from our establishment, we are working alongside GrubHub to limit contact and ensure that you get to enjoy our fare whenever you need that perfect bite of comfort food. Ordering our best pizza in Columbus via GrubHub is really simple, and here is all you need to do:

  • Start With Your Address – The first step is going to the GrubHub website or using their app and inputting your address. Afterward, you can choose either “pick-up” or “delivery” from a drop-down toggle menu.
  • Choose Bucceto’s – Once you have provided your address and chosen delivery, you can then look for Bucceto’s directly in the search bar. Click or tap the result to get connected with us straight away.
  • Take A Look At Our Menu – When you choose Bucceto’s, you will be directed to our menu. From there, you can choose your order and add our best pizza in Columbus to your cart.
  • Check Out – After you have picked out a pizza, you can check out right there with GrubHub. You will be given an opportunity to review or edit your order, add any special delivery instructions, confirm your payment method, and finally place your order.

After doing all of those steps on GrubHub, they will send your order directly to us, and you will get a confirmation email letting you know that we have received it. We will start preparing the best pizza in Columbus, and when it is done, we will get in touch with your GrubHub delivery driver. They will stop by, pick up your pizza, and get it to you as quickly as possible. With the app, you will have up-to-date tracking of your pizza, so you will be able to follow it every step of the way.

At Bucceto’s in Columbus, our top priorities are keeping the community safe and fed with the tastiest, most satisfying pizza in the area. If you are thinking about ordering out tonight, try our best pizza in Columbus with the help of GrubHub, and have your lunch or dinner delivered right to your door.

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