Have A Picnic With The Best Pizza In Columbus

Spring is right around the corner and with it we’ll finally be able to thaw out with longer days, warmer temperatures, and plenty of time together in the Columbus area! At Bucceto’s we love the idea of celebrating spring with a good picnic, and our best pizza in Columbus tastes even better when you’re eating it on a nice day with a fresh breeze. To have a pizza picnic in Columbus we suggest: 


  • Choose the perfect park – Choosing the perfect park is a big part of your picnic experience. If you have the kids along, you might choose somewhere like Freedom Field with its impressive playground. If you’re going on a date, maybe the scenic Mill Race Park is more your style. The Columbus area is rich with great parks, it just takes finding the one that best suits the kind of atmosphere you want for your perfect pizza picnic. Have A Picnic With The Best Pizza In Columbus
  • Grab your supplies – To have a great picnic you’re going to need a few supplies. Make sure to grab a sizable picnic blanket, some plates, napkins, and your beverages of choice to go along with your pizza. Make sure to pack a trash bag to clean up after your picnic when you’re finished! 
  • Call in your pizza – Once you have your supplies all packed up and your park picked out, it’s time to order our best pizza in Columbus at Bucceto’s. Take a good look at the menu first and decide if you’re in the mood for a traditional pie or you’d like to try one of our no gluten pizzas or vegan pies. Our Bucceto’s toppings list is extensive, and you can experience our best pizza in Columbus as traditionally or as creatively as you’d like. 
  • Enjoy your picnic – After you pick up your pizza, it’s time to enjoy your picnic! Find the perfect spot in the park, lay out your blanket, and dig into the best pizza Columbus has to offer. Grabbing your pizza around dinnertime is a great time to catch the beginning of the sunset in Columbus, giving you a show to go along with your meal. 

At Bucceto’s we’re excited to be part of your picnics with our best pizza in Columbus. Whether you’re trekking out to a park for a formal picnic, or you’re just hanging in the backyard, let us contribute to your memories this season!

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