How Do I Go About Ordering Catering In Columbus?

If you’re hosting an event in Columbus, feeding your guests is a major part of the planning process. Because it’s such a big part of your event, it’s usually also a huge point of stress for hosts and hostesses. Afterall, you’ll need to plan out your menu, do all the shopping, prep your dishes, cook your dishes, and then clean up after all that cooking after the event is done. Our Bucceto’s catering in Columbus makes entertaining easy, and we’re here to feed your party no matter what you’re celebrating.


For those looking for an easier and more stress-free way to entertain, our catering in Columbus is the option you’re looking for. Opting for our catering in Columbus means we take care of all the prep, the cooking, and clean-up is always easy, so you can sit back and enjoy the actual event you’re celebrating. Our half and full pans feed parties of 8 to 10 or 16 to 20, and sandwiches, calzones, and pizzas may be ordered in as many as you need.


How Do I Go About Ordering Catering In Columbus?


If you think that our catering in Columbus is right for you, ordering is easy. We want to provide the most convenient catering experience possible, so you see rather quickly just how catering simplifies your entire celebration experience! The first step to ordering our catering in Columbus is taking a look at our catering menu. The menu includes starters, entrees, salads, pizzas, desserts, and everything you love most about eating at Bucceto’s. You can take a look at our menu, pick your favorites, and you’re ready to give us a call.


When you’ve found the foods you want, just call us at Bucceto’s to get your catering in Columbus order started. Let us know if you’re interested in half or full pans, how many pizzas or sandwiches you’d like, or if you require gluten-free or vegan options. We’ll take down your order and let you know when your catering is ready to be picked up!


While we prefer at least 24 hours of notice for our catering in Columbus orders, we know that sometimes events pop up and you might not always have the notice to give. In these instances, we’ll do our best to work with you and craft a short-notice catering menu you and your guests will love. If you have an event coming up, try our catering in Columbus to treat your guests today!

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