How Do I Plan For Catering In Bloomington?

Our Bucceto’s catering in Bloomington is always here for you no matter the occasion you’re throwing! If you’ve never ordered catering in Bloomington before, whether with us or elsewhere, you might have a few questions about the catering process and making sure you’re giving your guests the best experience possible. At Bucceto’s, we can always work with you to craft your perfect menu, including gluten-free or vegan picks to ensure every guest leaves satisfied. Simply peruse our catering in Bloomington menu, give us a call, and we’ll figure out the menu that suits your event best together.
We prefer to have at least 24 hours notice for all catering orders, but we understand that last-minute emergencies happen. While we may not be able to craft your dream menu on very short notice, we’ll make sure to work with you on a menu that is sure to satisfy!
If you’re getting ready to order our catering in Bloomington, a few things you should consider in choosing your menu are:
How Do I Plan For Catering In Bloomington? • Know your guests – Are you treating a group of clients? A big family dinner? Your son or daughter’s middle school aged sports team? The first thing you want to consider is your guests, and getting to know what they’ll like. The Antipasto salad you order for a business luncheon might not be as well received by a group of 15 12-year-olds!
• Provide a few choices – Providing a few choices ensures that every guest leaves your party or event satisfied, and that everyone can have a little bit of this or a little bit of that as they wish. For a family dinner you’re having catered, you might keep things simple with a single entrée and a few different sides or starters, but variety is always on the menu at Bucceto’s!
• Anticipate special needs of guests – Perhaps one guest requires gluten-free, one guest adheres to a vegan diet, and another guest is a strict pescatarian. Anticipate the special needs of guests and use these considerations to build your varied menu.
At Bucceto’s, we have the catering in Bloomington you’re looking for to make sure your event is a hit. If you’re looking for catering in Bloomington for any event, call us today to see what we can do for you and your guests!

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