Fresh And Light Or Hot And Spicy: How Do You Like Your Gluten Free Pizza?

There’s no shortage of fresh toppings here at Bucceto’s, so your pizza can always match your vibe. If you’re grabbing one of our gluten free pizza options, there’s no limit to the kinds of flavors you can bring out in your pie.


In this blog post, let’s focus on two opposite ends of that spectrum: our fresh and light and hot and spicy flavors.


The Perfect Gluten Free Pizza


First off, our gluten-free pizza is a perfect vessel for flavor. We use rice flour dough to create our crust, giving you the same structure and flavor you can expect from a traditional pie.


Topping that crust is our robust pizza sauce, our comforting cheese blend, and toppings of your choice.

Fresh And Light Pizza Toppings

Fresh And Light Or Hot And Spicy: How Do You Like Your Gluten Free Pizza?


For our fresh and light pizza toppings, we have just about every ingredient you can think of to create the perfect refreshing flavor profile for your gluten-free pie. Some of our favorites are:


  • Fresh basil
  • Basil pesto
  • Capers
  • Cilantro
  • Green olive
  • Green pepper
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Roma tomato
  • Spinach
  • Thyme

Specialty Fresh And Light Pizza


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options, we also have specialty pizza combinations that you can turn to for a tried and true fresh favorite. For instance, we have our Margherita pizza, which is topped with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano, and fontina cheese.


We also recommend our Veg-Head pizza, topped with tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, red onions, black olives, fresh garlic, and fontina cheese.

Hot And Spicy Pizza Toppings


Now for the other end of the scale, especially with the weather cooling down, it makes sense to want to heat it up! Some of our hot and spicy topping favorites include:


  • Banana peppers
  • Chili oil
  • Chiles
  • Chorizo
  • Hot Italian sausage
  • Jalapeno

Specialty Hot And Spicy Pizza


Similar to our selection of light and fresh options, we also offer specialty pizzas to satisfy that spicy craving. One of our favorites that never fails to bring the heat is our Cactus Delectus.


Topping this no-gluten pizza are yellow and red bell peppers, chorizo, chilies, cilantro, and Jack cheese.

Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings At Bucceto’s


At Bucceto’s, we have gluten free pizza for every craving!