How Do You Top The Best Pizza In Columbus?

Everyone knows that the best pizza in Columbus isn’t all about the toppings, but the toppings sure do add the character to your favorite pizza! At Bucceto’s we have dozens of fresh toppings to choose from, so you have the ability to completely transform your pizza along with your mood. Some topping combinations we love for different moods are: 


  • Spicy – If you’re feeling a little spicy, we have the pizza to match it! Some of our spiciest toppings include banana peppers, chilies, chili oil, chorizo, hot Italian sausage, or fresh jalapeno. Our spicy toppings really zest up our pizza, and we love how they go with an ice-cold Corona! 
  • Cozy – What could be better than cozying up on the sofa with a fuzzy blanket, a good movie, and a hot and tasty slice? There’s not much! Our cozy toppings are unique with sweet, salty, and homey elements that give you those warm and fuzzy feelings from the inside out. For getting cozy with our comfort food best pizza in Columbus we suggest bacon, BBQ chicken, meatballs, mushroom, new potato, onion marmalade, pecans, pine nuts, smoked gouda, or smoked sausage. 
  • Earthy – Get in touch with your wild side with our selection of hearty, earthy, and always flavorful pizza toppings. If you’re looking for rustic and natural, we love topping our pizza with cilantro, garlic, fresh goat cheese, green olives, green pepper, mushroom, onion marmalade, pine nuts, fresh rosemary, or thyme. 
  • Classic – There’s a reason why a classic pie is America’s favorite comfort food, and we have all your favorite classic toppings at Bucceto’s. If you’re building a tried-and-true favorite kind of pizza, you can choose from green pepper, meatballs, mushroom, black olives, pepperoni, sausage, and bacon.

As long as you’re in the mood for the best pizza in Columbus, we have whatever it is to suit your mood at Bucceto’s! We’ve got classic flavors, unique flavors, zesty spice, earthy coziness, and absolutely everything in between. Not sure what mood you’re in tonight? We also have our specialty pizza combinations for something different and delicious not matter what. We can’t wait to see your pizza mood the next time you stop in at Bucceto’s in Columbus!

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