How Does Catering In Columbus Work?

Catering can be a huge help for those in Columbus looking to entertain any group. While catering is something that most really only think about when it comes to big parties or weddings, our catering in Columbus is for any occasion and any group looking to entertain with great food! Our catering is kept simple, and this is for the benefit of our Columbus area Bucceto’s customers.
How Does Catering In Columbus Work? Our catering in Columbus takes your favorites from the Bucceto’s menu to your location, and you can order by the full or half pan to best cater to your number of guests. For larger parties, a full pan may be more suitable to make sure every guest leaves satisfied, while a smaller family gathering might be better served by half pans of all the dishes you wish to serve. Our catering in Columbus gives you the choice, and you can choose as many items from our catering menu at Bucceto’s that you like.
Once you have your number of guests ready, it’s time to take a look at our catering menu to make your catering choices. Our catering in Columbus menu covers starters, sides, main dishes, and desserts, so you have the option to utilize your catering menu for your entire dining experience. We don’t just cater dinners, and we have all you need for the perfect catered lunch as well. Looking to impress those out of town clients? A half pan salad or other starter, followed by sandwiches, and finished with a dessert is exactly what you need!
After you’ve made your catering in Columbus picks, it’s time to place your order. We ask for at least 24 hours’ notice for your catering order, but we may be able to work an order out with you if you find you have a last-minute need. Simply call our Bucceto’s Columbus location, chat with our employees, and your order will be on its way to being ready for your lunch, party, gathering, or other event. At the time of your event, simply come by and pick up your catering order and you’re ready to go!
Our catering in Columbus makes entertaining at any sort of event an easy and stress-free experience. Rather than stressing over what you’ll serve, you know that you have one of the best Italian restaurants in Columbus on your side to satisfy every guest.

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