How Does Pizza Delivery In Columbus Work?

We want to make sure our pizza delivery in Columbus is easy. We know that what you want out of any pizza delivery service is convenience, ease of use, user friendliness, and most of all – great food! We take your wants into consideration at Bucceto’s, and we’ve created an online ordering system to make sure every need is met! 


To order pizza delivery in Columbus at Bucceto’s, first hop on over to our website. There you’ll be able to order online via a button at the bottom of the webpage. When you click on the “order online” button you’ll first be taken to a page where you can select delivery or pick-up, enter your address, and browse our menu. The menu features our create your own pizza options, our specialty pies, our calzones, and all of your Bucceto’s menu favorites. As you browse, you can select any Bucceto’s dish you’re craving, make changes or alter your selections, build your pizza or calzone, and start building your order. 


Once you’ve built your order, you’ll be able to check out right on our secure website. This means you can enter in your payment information, tip your driver, leave any notes, and be ready to make the short wait until your pizza (or other Bucceto’s favorite) is at your door. Once your order arrives, it’s time to dig in! 


How Does Pizza Delivery In Columbus Work?

Our online ordering system isn’t just for pizza delivery in Columbus, and you can also build a pick-up order using the website as well. When creating a pick-up order, select your Bucceto’s Columbus location, make your picks, pay your tab, and we’ll let you know when your order is ready to pick up! 


We don’t just keep things delicious at Bucceto’s, we also keep them simple! We believe that a great meal is something that should be accessible, approachable, and inclusive, and we made sure our online ordering hits all the marks. Thinking about grabbing some pizza delivery in Columbus tonight? Hop on our online ordering and we can’t wait to get it started! 

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