How Much Do You Know About Our No-Gluten Pizza?

Our no-gluten pizza at Bucceto’s is something we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn are truly proud of. In order to provide the best pizza in Bloomington and Columbus, we offer delicious options that everyone can enjoy, and this includes those who require or prefer a no-gluten diet. Millions of Americans are discovering that their health is influenced by a gluten intolerance or allergy, so they seek out no-gluten diets in order to feel their absolute best. Finding favorites can be difficult in other establishments, but it’s never that way with our unique menu at Bucceto’s.
If you’ve never tried our no-gluten pizza, you may not realize just how flavorful and scrumptious that type of pizza can be. Here are a few facts about our pizza that may just inspire you to have it for dinner this week:How Much Do You Know About Our No-Gluten Pizza?
• Made with wholesome rice flour – The most important fact about our no-gluten pizza is that it’s made using rice flour dough. This eliminates gluten entirely but allows the pizza to retain the flavor, the crunch, and the perfect texture a pizza should have. Because we use rice flour, there are no worries regarding cross-contamination or accidental gluten ingestion.
Wholesome toppings and ingredients – Topping our no-gluten pizza is a full range of wholesome and fresh ingredients. The sauce, cheese, and various toppings you choose have the freshest flavors possible, so every bite is truly delightful. You can go for specific toppings to create your own no-gluten pizza, or you can choose one of our pizza combinations for a truly unique flavor profile. No matter what you decide on, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy it until the last bite.
• You can get it vegan – Our no-gluten pizza caters not just to the no-gluten crowd but also to the vegan crowd. You can have pizza topped with sauce, vegan cheese, and your choice of vegan-friendly toppings that everyone in your party will love to dig into. Our vegan pizza is so good that even meat lovers enjoy it.
At Bucceto’s, there’s a lot to love about our pizza, and learning more about it will allow you to discover why you shouldn’t hesitate to give in to your cravings. We can’t wait to see what flavor combinations you’ll come up with when you try our no-gluten pizza for yourself. You can make the experience even better by sharing our pizza with your loved ones.

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