How To Have A Date Night At Our Gluten Free Restaurants

At Bucceto’s we want to provide a high-quality experience to every patron that walks through our doors. This includes our vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free patrons in Bloomington and Columbus. With millions of Americans opting to go gluten-free due to sensitivities or allergies, it was a big priority for us at Bucceto’s to develop a delicious, varied, and trustworthy gluten-free menu at our gluten free restaurants.
We also want to provide the right atmosphere for any night out, whether it’s with the family or on a date night. If you’re planning a date night at one of our gluten free restaurants, we have a few ideas to make sure it’s the very best it can be:
Our gluten free restaurants in Bloomington and Columbus have extensive gluten free menus to make sure your date night is everything you want it to be! • Share an appetizer – It’s the appetizer that whets the appetite for the main course, and we have plenty of delicious gluten free appetizers here at Bucceto’s. While you’re getting to know each other or spending a little quality time, share a plate of our gluten free bruschetta, some spinach artichoke dip, or tasty scamorza. For those on a first date, it’s a great way to get the conversation going!
• Start with a salad – Our salads are tasty, full of fresh ingredients, and refreshing to the palate between your appetizer and your main course. Our dinner salads are our most popular, but you may opt for a Greek salad, antipasto, Caesar salad, spring mix, or bleu cheese wedge salad instead.
• Pick your main course – For date nights, we love the idea of getting two entrees you’re both interested in and picking off of both plates! You get to share in an experience, and it gives you something to chat about as you compare and contrast the bevy of delightful flavors you’re getting to enjoy. Our pasta dinners are particularly great for sharing, as are our chicken dinners and sandwiches. If you’re looking to keep things simple, our gluten-free pizza is flavor packed and features the same great crunch as a traditional pie! Our gluten-free pizza is made using rice flour crust to ensure a safe and cross-contamination-free meal.
• Don’t forget the drinks – What would date night be without a glass of wine or a fresh cold beer? Our gluten free restaurants feature gluten free beer options like Magner’s Irish Cider along with a great wine list to pair with any gluten-free option on our menu.
We at Bucceto’s are here to bring the atmosphere for your next date night! If you’re planning to have a romantic night out, check out what we have at our gluten free restaurants today.

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