How To Warm Up At The Best Restaurants In Bloomington, IN 

The winter season is in full swing and there’s no better feeling than tucking into the best restaurants in Bloomington, IN and cozying up with a plate of great food! Downtown Bloomington is full of shops, Insta worthy spots, and hiking trails, and they can be enjoyed all year round. After you’re done scoping out the best vintage or seeing what birds are hanging around the boardwalk trail at Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve, let us at Bucceto’s get you warmed up and well-fed.


How To Warm Up At The Best Restaurants In Bloomington, IN

Authentic Italian food is cozy food at Bucceto’s, and we’re one of the best restaurants in Bloomington, IN using all wholesome and fresh ingredients in our creations. Some of our top cozy picks for when you’re coming in from the cold are: 


  • Diavolo – Hearty, warm, and a little spicy? It doesn’t get better than that! Our Diavolo comes in mild, medium, or spicy and it’s served atop our fresh linguine or gluten-free spaghetti. Optional shrimp or chicken makes this dish even more satisfying. 
  • Create your own pizza – Pizza is the ultimate comfort food and America’s favorite. Our create your own pizza lets you pick traditional, no gluten, or vegan, as well as all of the toppings to go on it. Perfect for taking in a lunch or dinner after a day out with friends and family, it’s the cozy comfort dinner that everyone can share! 
  • Hot and hearty soup – Our house made soups at Bucceto’s are something to brag about whether you’re having a cup for lunch or a bowl for dinner. We have Pasta Fagole and Tomato Basil to choose from, and they go particularly well with a salad or side of garlic bread with cheese. 
  • Meatball sub – As far as sandwiches go, it really doesn’t get cozier than a meatball sub. Ours is topped with our marinara, cheese, and fresh basil so you’re guaranteed to love it to the last bite. 

At Bucceto’s we want to be one of the best restaurants in Bloomington, IN to help you settle in from the cold and we’re doing it with our authentic, hearty, and delicious menu. The next time you decide to take in the town during a cold day in Bloomington, stop by to say hello, grab a bite, and relax in our warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

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