How We Keep It Authentic At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus 

Authenticity is a priority of ours and our owner, Paul Heilbrunn. We want to give our Columbus customers a way to feel like they’ve just been transported to Italy without ever stepping foot on a plane. How do we keep it authentic at our Italian restaurant in Columbus? We have a few tricks up our sleeve: 


  • Always using wholesome ingredients – Ingredients are flavor, and the quality of the ingredients you use is directly related to the flavors you can achieve. For this reason, we’re passionate about using the freshest, most wholesome, and the most authentic ingredients possible. You can really see this shine in our pizza toppings, which give you a complex flavor profile to play with each time you create your own pie. 
  • Handcrafted recipes – When visiting Italy, you might never have the same dish the same way twice, and there’s good reason for it. Recipes matter, and we keep ours handcrafted just as they should be in any Italian restaurant in Columbus. By handcrafting our recipes we’re able to taste and test, making sure that we’re only putting on plates what we ourselves would put on our own tables at home! 
How We Keep It Authentic At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus
  • A touch of Italian sweetness – Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert, and for many no Italian dish is complete without finishing it off with a delightful slice. Our Tiramisu isn’t just made authentically, it’s actually made in Italy. We import our Tiramisu right from the source, giving you the most authentic taste of Italy there is in Columbus. 
  • Plenty of appetizers – Eating is an event at an Italian restaurant in Columbus, and we want to make sure every customer leaves full and satisfied. For this reason, we keep a varied selection of fresh and tasty apps to get your experience started as soon as you relax at your table. Enjoy an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert to get the full Italian eatery experience! 

At Bucceto’s we wanted to bring the true taste of Italy right here to Columbus. With our wholesome ingredients, handcrafted recipes, imported Italian desserts, and full eating experience, we like to think we’ve done just that. Thinking of traveling to Italy? Save on airfare and let us cook you up something great at our Italian restaurant in Columbus instead!