Is Bucceto’s The Italian Restaurant Near Me For Date Night?

Bucceto’s is a family restaurant, it’s a friendly restaurant, it’s a great restaurant to treat the office for lunch, but is Bucceto’s the Italian restaurant near me for date night? We like to think so! At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn set out to make our atmosphere just right for any occasion, and we want to break down just how to have the perfect date night with us. 


What would a date night be without a little something to whet the appetite? Our appetizers are vast and varied, and they’re perfect for sharing while you break the ice with a little fun conversation. Some of our favorite sharing appetizers are the Scamorza, Spinach Artichoke Dip, and the Sun-Dried Tomato Bread. 


After you’ve enjoyed your appetizer, a nice salad is the ideal way to cleanse the palate and get ready for your meal. While we have a long list of salads, the spring mix or dinner salad is a classic option that accompanies just about everything on our Bucceto’s menu. Along with your salad you’ll get to enjoy the homemade dressing of your choice to really bring out the flavors in the fresh greens, crisp veggies, and salad toppings. 


Now it’s time for the entrée! If you’re looking for something to share our specialty and create your own pizzas let you spend quality time together enjoying America’s favorite comfort food, and there are limitless ways to take your pie. We have no-gluten pizza, vegan pizza, and traditional pies to fit every taste or dietary need. Another popular date night favorite is our pasta, which also comes in gluten-free and traditional varieties. 


After dinner, why not a dessert to share? Our authentic NYC Carnegie Deli cheesecake is a star of our dessert menu, and we at Bucceto’s have it shipped to us all the way from New York City – so you’re getting the real thing! If cheesecake isn’t for you, we also have a delightful carrot cake, a 5 layer chocolate cake, authentic Tiramisu imported from Italy, and our no-gluten chocolate torte. 


So if you’re asking yourself “Is Bucceto’s the Italian restaurant near me for date night?” we think it’s time to stop in and check out our atmosphere for yourself! We can’t wait to host you and someone special for an authentic Italian night out. 

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