Italian Restaurant In Bloomington That Satiates All Cravings

There’s a lot more to an Italian restaurant in Bloomington than pizza alone. While having the best pizza in Bloomington is something we’re proud of at Bucceto’s, our menu is rich in a variety of ways. No matter what you’re craving, our Italian restaurant in Bloomington has something to set your cravings aside. Some top menu picks we recommend for the next time you stop into our Italian restaurant in Bloomington are:
Italian Restaurant In Bloomington That Satiates All Cravings• Pasta dinner – What is an Italian restaurant in Bloomington without a great pasta dinner? At Bucceto’s, we have a plethora of excellent pasta dishes you can pick from the next time you’re in the mood for the ultimate Italian comfort food. Our lasagna is big and bouncy with plenty of meat, our meat sauce is served on top of spaghetti or angel hair, Diavolo spices up our linguine, and our Basil Pesto puts a fresh spin on either linguine or fettuccine pasta. This isn’t all that graces our pasta dinner menu, and we also serve up gluten-free spaghetti so no one is left out!
• Chicken dinners – Served up with a fresh dinner salad and warm garlic bread, our chicken dinners are sure to satisfy! Our Chicken Marsala is comprised of oven roasted chicken breasts in our marsala cream sauce with mushrooms over new potatoes, our Venezia Chicken is topped with baked ricotta, goat cheese, and sun dried tomatoes, and our Chicken Parmesan is the perfect cheesy comfort dish you expect from the best Italian restaurant in town. If you’re looking for a great chicken dish without any guilt, our Hold-The-Carbs chicken dishes pack in the protein and pack in the flavor.
• Calzones – The perfect food for mingling at parties, our calzones are packed full of flavor! With calzone combinations you can choose from to embrace new flavors, to those you fix up yourself with all your chosen ingredients, it’s the ultimate crowd pleaser.
• Sandwiches – If you’re stopping in for lunch or dinner, our hot sandwiches are sure to satisfy. For vegetarian diets, we even have a Spinach Artichoke hot sandwich that combines spinach, mushroom, red onion, tomato, and a delightful artichoke spread.
While we love having some of the best pizza in Bloomington, we think it’s the diversity of our menu that really gives us the best Italian restaurant in Bloomington edge. If you’re looking for great Italian, stop on by today.

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