Italian Restaurant In Columbus Picks For Nights You’re Not Craving Pizza

Pizza is an all-time American favorite, that we know, but sometimes you might simply want something else. We at Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn know that pizza might not cut it for everyone 100% of the time, and for this reason, we have a menu packed full of delicious picks involving pizza and not. You shouldn’t only enjoy pizza at the best Italian restaurant in Columbus, and a few other picks could be just what you’re looking for to satisfy your appetite.
If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant in Columbus, classic food that sticks to the ribs and fills the family up, but pizza is just not what you’re craving, our pasta dishes might be just what you’re looking for. Every pasta dinner is served with a salad and garlic bread to ensure all bellies are full, and you’re able to choose from a vast array of different flavors and textures in your personal pick. For something fresh and delightful, we have our Basil Pesto pasta with fettuccine or linguine, and for something rich and hearty you could go with the classic Jumbo Ravioli with beef and meat sauce, cheese, or spinach. Not only do our dishes represent either fresh or rich, but they also offer unique flavor combinations, classics, and so much more.
Maybe you’re looking for a lunch pick, and something as filling as pasta you’re afraid will hinder your dinner appetite in a few hours. The perfect centerpiece to your lunch is one of our delightful Italian sandwiches served up with a side of perfectly complementing chips. If you’re looking for a light lunch for two, something like our Meatball Sub is perfect for cutting in half and sharing between you both.
Italian Restaurant In Columbus Picks For Nights You’re Not Craving Pizza What would an Italian restaurant in Columbus be without a great dessert to finish off your meal? We give you an authentic experience at Bucceto’s with real NYC Carnegie Deli cheesecake, gluten-free chocolate torte, sweet and earthy carrot cake, traditional Italian tiramisu, and a purely decadent High 5 Chocolate Layer Cake. If you’re not craving pizza because you want something sweet, you can always order a dessert for lunch or dinner and we won’t tell!
The next time you’re looking for a delicious Italian restaurant in Columbus, whether you’re looking to include pizza in your experience or not, check out what we have to whet your appetite at Bucceto’s!

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