Italian Restaurants In Bloomington To Pair Your Pasta With Wine

Italian restaurants in Bloomington, like Bucceto’s, should provide a full and authentic Italian experience. We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn know that this means having the right beverages to accompany your meal. While our beer list is perfect for pairing with your favorite pizza, it’s our wine list you want to look to when you’re enjoying your favorite pasta dish. Pairing your pasta with wine lets you not only enjoy the pasta more, but taste every note in the wine you’re enjoying your meal with.
Some of our current favorite combinations are:
• Shrimp diavolo and prosecco – When you see a rich red sauce like our diavolo, you’re probably thinking you’ll pair it with a red wine. While this is a classic pairing, we at Bucceto’s are really loving the pairing with a crisp prosecco as well. Our Maschio Prosecco gives a light, bubbly, and refreshing mouth feel as you enjoy each bite of your spicy or mild shrimp diavolo with delicious linguine.
• Lasagna and pinot noir – Our Italian restaurants in Bloomington pride themselves on authenticity, and what could be more authentic than pairing lasagna with a fruity pinot noir? Our 10 Span Pinot Noir paired with our wholesome and house-made lasagna gives off a rich, comforting, and rustic appeal perfect for an authentic experience and cozying up in the fall season.
Italian Restaurants In Bloomington To Pair Your Pasta With Wine• Rosemary cream chicken and cabernet sauvignon – When you hear chicken and cream, it’s natural to immediately think white. However, rosemary is one of the most wine friendly herbs there is, so your options widen significantly with that one flavor profile. We really love pairing the Rosemary Cream Chicken with a Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon to bring out the richness and the earthiness in the rosemary.
• Chicken piccata and chardonnay – Fresh and comforting, chicken piccata is a perfect pasta dish for the early autumn season. This lemony, buttery, and refreshing pasta dish can be enjoyed in a whole new way when paired with a glass of our J. Lohr Chardonnay. Both fresh and fruity, the chardonnay presents a perfect balance that only enhances the flavor of the piccata, never throwing the flavor out of balance.
The next time you stop by our Italian restaurants in Bloomington, treat yourself to the authentic Italian experience by pairing your pasta with a perfect complimenting wine. What dish and wine pairing are you going to order next?

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