It’s Cider Season At Our Good Restaurants In Bloomington

Autumn is finally fully and completely here in Bloomington, and we at Bucceto’s are ready to embrace all things fall! Our good restaurants in Bloomington are serving up gluten-free Magner’s Irish Cider so you can have the complete autumn experience with all of your Bucceto’s in Bloomington favorites. If you’ve never tried Magner’s before, it’s semi-sweet, sparkling, clean, and with just a bit of a malty finish so it works very well with quite a few of our menu items. Some of the dishes at our good restaurants in Bloomington that we feel go particularly well with Magner’s are: 

  • Rosemary Cream Chicken – Our Rosemary Cream Chicken features slices of fresh chicken in a rosemary cream sauce accented with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes and served atop freshly made linguine pasta. Our Bucceto’s rosemary cream sauce is rich, buttery, and herbal, so the tart crispness of Magner’s cuts through to refresh the palate with ease. During the autumn season you’re getting the best of both worlds – something rich, comforting, and warm alongside something crisp and light which features one of fall’s top flavors! 
  • Bucceto’s Bleu Cheese Wedge – If you’re looking to keep things light for lunch, Bucceto’s Bleu Cheese Wedge with or without bacon is just what you’re looking for. Magner’s Irish Cider has the sweet component to balance out the saltiness in the cheese or the cheese and bacon, but the light flavor never overpowers your light lunch. 
It’s Cider Season At Our Good Restaurants In Bloomington
  • Campfire pizza – Our Campfire specialty pizza is a real fall favorite. Topped with smoked sausage, sweet onion marmalade, gorgonzola cheese, and fresh rosemary, it really embodies all of the smokey and earthy feelings you get sitting around a roaring campfire. Magner’s Irish Cider pairs beautifully with the smokey sausage flavor, the salty gorgonzola, the herbal rosemary, and the sweetness in the onion marmalade. At Bucceto’s this is one of our favorite autumnal cider pairings! 

Whether you’re getting something light and fresh, or you’re going with your favorite comfort food, our good restaurants in Bloomington are here with the beverages to make your meal complete. Looking to try one of our Magner’s Irish Cider pairings tonight? We can’t wait to see you at Bucceto’s! 

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