It’s Time To Get Cozy With Bloomington Food Delivery Pasta 

Cozy season is in full swing, and we love the idea of relaxing on a chilly night with a good movie, good company, and the best bowl of pasta Bloomington has to offer. When the wind is blowing, we understand if you don’t really feel up to venturing out, and this is why we’re bringing Bucceto’s to you with our Bloomington food delivery pasta! 


Pasta is a universally warm, cozy, and satisfying dish, no matter what kind of pasta gets your mouth watering. Our pasta at Bucceto’s is authentic, and you can taste how much heart goes into every dish we serve. What are some of our top picks for Bloomington food delivery? We’re loving: 


  • Gluten free spaghetti – We want to make sure pasta is tasty and accessible to every Bucceto’s Bloomington food delivery customer, so we have a wide range of our sauces available with gluten-free spaghetti pasta. This spaghetti is manufactured in a 100% gluten-free facility, so those with gluten allergies and intolerances can feel confident in their meal choice. The sauces you may choose to pair with your gluten-free spaghetti include diavolo, tomato sauce, meat sauce, alfredo, basil pesto, clam sauce, and more. All of our gluten-free pasta dishes are served with a fresh side salad. 
  • Diavolo – When you’re trying to get cozy, you can double the warmth with our diavolo sauce. This sauce can be served mild, medium, or hot, and served with linguine alongside optional shrimp or chicken. For those particularly cold nights, we love a spicy bowl of diavolo pasta! 
It’s Time To Get Cozy With Bloomington Food Delivery Pasta
  • Lasagna – It doesn’t get more classic than lasagna, and ours doesn’t go light on the meat. We take pride in how substantial our lasagna is, and we can’t blame our Bucceto’s Bloomington food delivery customers when they order it again and again. 
  • Jumbo ravioli – Not for the faint of heart, we take our jumbo ravioli seriously! Each plate is served with 5 jumbos, which can be filled with beef and topped with meat sauce for our omnivorous customers, or filled with cheese or spinach alongside tomato sauce for those who are seeking out something a bit more vegetarian friendly.  

Every night is the right night for a cozy pasta dinner in, and our Bloomington food delivery is here to bring it to you. We can’t wait to see what pasta dishes you’ll be digging into for your next delivery order!