Keep Cool And Refreshed At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington

The tail end of summer is usually filled with some pretty hot days – so how do you keep cool and comfy when the weather just won’t cooperate? Fall will be upon us soon enough, but in the meantime you’re always welcome to refresh yourself at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington! Maybe today isn’t the day for a big hearty bowl of pasta, but we have plenty of light fresh fares perfect for refueling after a day in the sun. 


We keep things comfortable, air conditioned, and relaxed at Bucceto’s, so it’s always a welcome reprieve in here from the dog days of summer. To make your trip extra refreshing, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn suggest: 

Keep Cool And Refreshed At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington
  • An ice-cold beer – We have plenty in bottles and on tap at Bucceto’s! A Magner’s Irish Cider is great for our gluten-free patrons, and we love cooling off with a frosty glass (or bottle) of Corona, Miller Light, Blood Orange Blonde, or Stella Artois. Alongside one of our fresh pizzas, what could be better than that? 
  • Margherita pizza – Our margherita pizza is chock full of fresh flavors and it’s perfect for filling up on a hot summer day. This pizza is topped with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano, and fontina cheese. Looking for gluten-free? The margherita pizza can be made on our fresh rice flour gluten-free crust. 
  • Greek Garden calzone – The Greek Garden calzone, like the margherita pizza, is just bursting with fresh flavor that goes perfectly with a late summer evening. Inside of the dough you’ll find spinach, red onion, black olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese. 
  • Bruschetta – Sometimes you just need something tasty and light to give you that perfect comfortable refreshment. Our Bruschetta is an appetizer that embraces all of our favorite flavors at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington. The toasted bread can be made traditionally or gluten free, and it’s topped with optional goat cheese, tomato, garlic, and herbs. 
  • Spring mix salad – A good salad is a classic lunch option, and we are serving up the coolest and the freshest right here at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington! The spring mix salad combines mixed greens with pecans, candied cranberries, crumbled blue cheese, and Dijon vinaigrette with optional chicken breast. 

Cooling off is relaxed, satisfying, and tasty at Bucceto’s. If you’re trying to escape the late summer sun for just a little while, we can’t wait to make your refreshment happen! 

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