Let Columbus Food Delivery Take Care Of Pasta Night

What’s the next best thing to pizza night? It’s pasta night, of course! We at Bucceto’s put just as much love and care into our pasta dishes as we put into our pizzas, and we’re ready to show you by hosting your next pasta night. For pasta nights at home, we love the idea of getting a few different pasta dishes in your Columbus food delivery and encouraging the family to try a bit of this and a bit of that so everyone can enjoy all of the flavor experiences.
At Bucceto’s we want to make sure we have pasta night specialties for everyone in your family, so we offer traditional pasta dishes as well as our gluten-free spaghetti to be enjoyed in just about any of our sauces. Our gluten-free spaghetti is created without any risk of cross-contamination and will be packaged separately from any other pasta dishes as part of your Columbus food delivery. For the gluten-free members of your party, they can have delightful pasta they can feel confident enjoying.
Not sure what to choose from our pasta menu for your next pasta night party? We have a few top picks we really love:
 Let Columbus Food Delivery Take Care Of Pasta Night • Diavolo – If you’re looking for something spicy, our Diavolo pasta is just the thing. Served in either mild, medium, or spicy, the sauce rests over top of our fresh linguine with optional shrimp or chicken protein.
• Lasagna – Who couldn’t love a big, beefy, and comforting piece of lasagna? Ours is made fresh with plenty of meat and plenty of bounce for the comfort food experience you’re looking for.
• Basil pesto – The freshest of our pasta selections, our basil pesto is served atop fettuccine or linguine and can be enjoyed with optional chicken.
• Rosemary cream chicken – Rustic, cozy, and delicious, our rosemary cream chicken pasta features sauteed slices of chicken in a rosemary cream sauce served on top of fettuccine. To accent the flavors, the dish is accented with sun dried tomatoes and mushroom.
These are just a few of the options we have here at Bucceto’s to make your pasta night something your family requests over and over again! If you’re looking to impress your family, your friends, or any party, grab some pasta with our Columbus food delivery today.

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