Lunchtime At Our Columbus Restaurant 

Maybe you’ve had dinner with us at Bucceto’s, but have you ever stopped by for lunch? Lunchtime at our Columbus restaurant has its perks, and we want to outline just a few of those for you: 


  • You can have your lunch delivered – Can’t make it out to our Columbus restaurant? That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a great lunch! At Bucceto’s in Columbus you can have your lunch delivered right to you via DoorDash. This brings you lunch to your home or your office, so you get your favorite eats right where you need them when you need them. Lunchtime At Our Columbus Restaurant


  • Gluten free options – We don’t save all our gluten free options for our dinner menu. For our gluten free patrons looking for a great lunch, you can get our pizzas, pastas, calzones, sandwiches, and even appetizers to satisfy those authentic Italian Bucceto’s cravings. 


  • Vegan pizza – Our vegan pizza at Bucceto’s is also being served up for lunch! This pizza uses our honey-free rice flour crust, tomato sauce, vegan cheese blend, and vegan sausage or other optional vegan toppings. You get a hearty lunch to recharge you to take on the rest of your day. 


  • We have great lunch specials – Our lunch specials include a slice of our best pizza in Columbus, a side salad, and a large soft drink. You get something fresh, something refreshing, and something hearty to keep you feeling full and energized in order to avoid that midday slump. Each day we offer a different slice of pizza, 1 traditional and 1 vegetarian, for our special and we recommend trying them all! 


  • Our soups are always homemade and comforting – A nice bowl of soup, with or without a side salad, is a classic lunch favorite. Our soups at Bucceto’s are made fresh and delicious, so every spoonful is bursting with flavor. We always have Tomato Basil ready, as well as a soup of the day for mixing it up with something different. Our soups can be served in a cup or bowl to suit your lunchtime appetite. 


If you’re still figuring out what you want to have for lunch, why not pay us a visit at our Columbus restaurant? We’re ready to keep your day going the tasty way at Bucceto’s

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