Make Back-To-School Shopping Fun With Pizza In Bloomington

Back-to-school season always creeps up on families in Bloomington. Before you know it, it’s time to hit the books again! For families making a day out of grabbing school supplies, clothes, backpacks, and all of those back-to-school season goodies, you’re probably going to be working up a big appetite.


We at Bucceto’s are here to fill you up with our delicious pizza in Bloomington!


Daily Lunch Specials


If you’re taking to the local stores during the week, we run lunchtime specials Mondays through Fridays from 11 am to 4 pm. It’s the perfect break in the middle of your errands trip. We know how a good lunch gives you plenty of energy to muscle through the rest of the list before the day’s end.


We offer specials that include a fresh salad with your choice of dressing, a large drink, and a large pizza slice daily. You have at least two pizza options for each day:


  • Monday – The meat option for Mondays is the sausage pizza, while the veggie option is Three Cheese.
  • Tuesday – Our Tuesday meat option is the delicious Bacon & Gouda, while our veggie option is the refreshing Margherita.
  • Wednesday – On Wednesdays, we serve up Pepperoni Sausage for the meat lovers and Mushroom, Basil, and Fontina for the vegetarians.
  • Thursday – On Thursdays, we have the fan-favorite specialty pizza Sweet Lil’ Razorback for the meat option and the fresh Spinach, Feta, and Tomato Slices pizza as a veggie option.
  • Friday – The Friday specials are the Double Pepperoni slice and the Humble Pie.


Make Back-To-School Shopping Fun With Pizza In BloomingtonPizza Any Time Of Day


Our delicious pizza in Bloomington isn’t reserved for weekday afternoons only. You can enjoy our vegan, traditional, or gluten-free pizzas any time we’re open.


We like to keep a wide and inclusive pizza menu with dozens of toppings to choose from, so you and your family always have something comforting to dig into even when the back-to-school season is over.


If you’re looking to refuel during your back-to-school shopping adventures, dine with us. We have a wide range of choices for authentic Italian comfort food for people of all ages.