Make It A No Gluten Pizza Night And Spend More Time With The Family

At our Columbus and Bloomington locations, it’s our pizza that is our real “sleeper” hit! Gluten-free pizza can have something of a reputation for being flavorless, off, or just not as good, but we set a big goal to prove all of these misconceptions wrong. Our pizza is made using wholesome rice flour crust, so you get the flavor, the crunch, and the comfort food perfection you expect out of pizza even though ours is confidently gluten-free. Whether you have a gluten intolerance, a gluten allergy, or you’re just curious, we’re sure you’re going to love what we’ve put into our no gluten pies. 


No gluten pizza night isn’t just for those who need or choose to avoid gluten. Our gluten-free pizza tastes so good it’s perfect for any pizza night. A few reasons why you should pick a pizza night tonight to spend more time with the family are: 


Make It A No Gluten Pizza Night And Spend More Time With The Family
  • Everyone can enjoy it – Are the kids having a friend over? Do you have folks in your family who try or need to avoid gluten? Are you feeding a crowd? No gluten pizza from Bucceto’s in Bloomington or Columbus is the answer. Our gluten-free pizza is made with no risk for cross-contamination, so anyone can enjoy their pizza with confidence instead of worry. 


  • Give the dishes a rest – Even if you have a dishwasher, doing dishes takes time and it’s not exactly a chore the average person looks forward to. Making dinner at home takes up a sink full of dishes, but no gluten pizza lets you give those dishes a rest. Without a sink to manage after dinner, you have more quality time to spend with the ones you love the most. 


  • It’s easy and delicious when you’re having a busy night – Sports games, meetings, conferences, homework, and other activities can make for some pretty busy nights now that school is back in full swing. Rather than trying to figure out where you’re going to fit preparing dinner into your schedule, why not make it a no gluten pizza night? It takes just minutes to order and pickup, or order and have delivered, and enjoying your pizza gives you a precious few minutes to sit back, relax, and enjoy who you’re eating pizza with! 


If tonight is your pizza night, give us a call or stop by at Bucceto’s! 

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