Make It More Than Pizza With Our Columbus Food Delivery 

When you think of Columbus food delivery, what do you think of first? The answer is probably pizza! Everyone knows that we serve up the best pizza right here at Bucceto’s, but our Columbus food delivery is a lot more than that. Want to know what some of our other favorite delivery picks are? A few include: 


  • A good old fashioned pasta dinner – One of the biggest concerns we hear about delivery is “Does it travel well?” No dish travels as beautifully as our pasta! When it arrives at your door, it’s hot, fresh, and ready to slurp up while you enjoy a relaxing night at home. We keep our pasta dishes inclusive at Bucceto’s, with traditional pasta dishes as well as gluten-free spaghetti. Our gluten-free spaghetti is sourced from a 100% gluten-free facility, so it’s safe and delicious for those with intolerances or allergies. We have more than a dozen pasta dishes to choose from, so you always have a dinner to meet your mood. The best part? Our traditional pasta dinners are served with a dinner salad and our fresh Bucceto’s garlic bread! 
Make It More Than Pizza With Our Columbus Food Delivery
  • Calzones – Maybe you’re not in the mood for a regular pizza, but you’re still hungry for something pizza-ish – this is where our calzones come in! A calzone is just like a pizza flipped inside out. It has the crust on the outside forming a pocket, which is then stuffed with cheese, sauce, and our fresh Bucceto’s toppings. We have our own calzone creations, or you can create your own! 
  • Hot sandwiches – If you’re ordering out for lunch, our Columbus food delivery is ready with our hot sandwiches. Hot Italian subs, Chicken Parmesan, Meatball subs, classic Ham and Cheese, and Sicilian Sausage sandwiches are all coming to you warm, fresh, and served with crispy potato chips. Looking for something vegetarian friendly and delicious? We love the Spinach and Artichoke sandwich! 

At Bucceto’s we love switching it up from time to time, and we have just the kind of menu that makes it easy! From hearty pasta, to tasty calzones, to the perfect sandwich, our Columbus food delivery is ready for whatever satisfies your delivery craving. We can’t wait to bring your favorite Bucceto’s dish to you.