Make Pasta Night Easy By Ordering Takeout

Pasta night is a family favorite, and at Bucceto’s doesn’t just serve up pizza. Our pasta dishes give you an easy way to enjoy pasta night with your family, and take-out makes pasta night even easier! Rather than cooking a pasta dish that maybe half of your family will be in the mood for, everyone gets their favorite, and there’s no pots and pans to clean up afterward. Some of the top reasons to order takeout for your next pasta night are:
Make Pasta Night Easy By Ordering Takeout From Buccetos• Everyone gets what they want – If one person wants lasagna, someone else is craving linguine with clam sauce, and you are thinking about making fettuccine alfredo, you’re going to run into a problem. Rather than only satisfying part of the family, ordering Bucceto’s takeout pasta lets everybody get exactly what they want.
• Save time – A late night at work and a planned pasta evening aren’t two things that get along well. You can either come home and immediately get working on dinner, or you can take a break but eat dinner late. With Bucceto’s takeout, you don’t have to choose, and you can call us, place your order, and pick it up on your way home. In Bloomington and Columbus, it’s always convenient to grab pasta after a long day!
• No cleanup – Aside from any plates and cutlery you use to dive into your delicious pasta, there’s little cleanup left behind when you order from Bucceto’s. When making pasta at home a menagerie of pans, dishes, and sauce splatters can mean lots of work after dinner, taking away precious time you could spend enjoying your downtime.
• Fresh new inspiration – Authentic and fresh pasta from Bucceto’s can provide inspiration for your own pasta repertoire. Maybe you’ve never tried Chicken Piccata, and you’re not sure what goes into it, but you’re interested in trying it. Order it from Bucceto’s and see how you love the flavor profile and the experience in expanding your palate.
The next time you’re gearing up for pasta night, there’s plenty of benefits to be had ordering from Bucceto’s. Call us today and see how simple your pasta night can be!

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