No Gluten Pizza Delivered To Your Door

No gluten pizza is just as delicious as traditional pies here at Bucceto’s, and we’re bringing your favorite gluten-free flavors right to your door. To work on keeping safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, our Bucceto’s staff are no longer bringing you your delivery at this time, but this actually makes for an easier and safer experience for our customers as well. Through GrubHub and other delivery services, you can have a no-contact delivery that ensures you’re safe, your delivery driver is safe, and we are safe to keep making your favorite no gluten pizza at Bucceto’s! 


No Gluten Pizza Delivered To Your Door If you’re looking to have no gluten pizza delivered to you, the process is simple. First, pick out your pizza. You can choose any number of toppings from our extensive toppings list or choose one of our specialty pizzas as you like. Feeling like you want a true classic? Try having your no gluten pizza as a plain pie! Any of our pizzas can be made gluten free, simply let us know and we’ll create your pie using our special rice flour crust. There’s no stress about cross-contamination, while you enjoy the same crunch, taste, and satisfying experience as you would with any traditional pie. 


Once you’ve picked out your pizza, take out your phone and open up your favorite food delivery app. From the app, select Bucceto’s in Bloomington or Columbus and you’ll be brought to where you can place your no gluten pizza order. Choose your gluten free crust, choose your toppings, and pay right from the app. Once your order comes through, we’ll start making your gluten free pizza straight away. 


With your delivery app, you’ll be able to track your pizza and follow it to your door. You’ll know when your driver gets to Bucceto’s, you’ll know when your pizza has been picked up, and you’ll be able to track your delivery until it gets to you. From your food delivery app, you can leave a tip and request no-contact delivery so you have no worry about social distancing while you enjoy your favorites. 


Haven’t had your no gluten pizza delivered to you yet? Open up your app, tap on Bucceto’s, and place your order for fresh, hot, and tasty no gluten pizza today! 

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