Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington Has Wine To Make The Most Of Your Pasta

What would an Italian restaurant in Bloomington be without great pasta and the wine list to back it up? Sipping on a great wine while you enjoy a plate of pasta makes you feel like you’re right in the authentic Italian countryside, and we strive to provide such an authentic experience to every guest that walks through our doors. If you plan to stop in to our Italian restaurant in Bloomington any time soon for a delicious pasta dish, the wines we’d suggest to make the absolute most out of your meal are:
Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington Has Wine To Make The Most Of Your Pasta • Tomato sauce – Tomato sauce is the classic pasta sauce, and if you’re enjoying spaghetti or angel hair pasta with tomato sauce you’ll want to choose our Merlot to really bring out the richness of your dish. Our Italian restaurant in Bloomington prides itself on using only the most authentic flavors in our classic tomato sauce.
• Fettucine Alfredo – Our Fettucine Alfredo is a guest favorite, and it can be served alongside optional chicken or simply with pasta and sauce. When you’re enjoying our Fettucine Alfredo we recommend pairing with a Chardonnay to ensure a crisp and clean finish that never overpowers the delicate nature of the sauce or the wine.
• Shrimp Santa Cruz – With spring already here summer will be coming up quickly, and our Shrimp Santa Cruz is a summertime favorite. For this buttery, smokey, and sweet pasta dish we suggest pairing with a Pinot Grigio for a balanced flavor that will be delicious to the last bite.
• Basil pesto – Our basil pesto pasta dishes may be served with linguine, fettuccine, and optional chicken, and you’ll want a wine that really emphasizes freshness so you don’t throw off the flavor of the dish. We suggest pairing with our Sauvignon Blanc to bring out every delicate flavor in our authentic basil pesto sauce.
With wine and pasta, what more could a person need for a memorable flavor experience? If you’re thinking about having a pasta night, stop in to see us at Bucceto’s so we can set you up with the perfect pairing that will maximize your meal experience!

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