Our Italian Restaurant Bloomington Is Ready To Host Your Holiday

Our Italian restaurant Bloomington has a long history of hosting your special events. Along with our catering, we also have our party room at our West 3rd Bloomington location. We don’t just want you to feel like family at Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn want to be a part of your family’s special moments!
Our Italian Restaurant Bloomington Is Ready To Host Your HolidayHosting takes a lot of work. Readying your home, getting all the ingredients, doing all the prep, making the food, making sure those decorations are perfect – it leaves less time for sitting back and enjoying the holidays! Our West 3rd location party room is just what you’re looking for to give you a bit more relaxation this, or any, holiday season. Reservations of the party room are available for groups of 10-30 people, while the entire room may be privately reserved for groups of 20 or more.
When you’re thinking about what to serve for your party room party, we have plenty of options available. What you get is a version of your own private Bucceto’s, with a catering menu that features all of your Bucceto’s favorites. Our Italian restaurant in Bloomington thinks of everything, from your starters and soups, all the way to your delicious desserts. You get delicious eats, our celebrated Bucceto’s service, and an experience your family and friends can’t help but talk about for years to come!
For those hosting this holiday, you don’t have to reserve our party room for that Bucceto’s experience. Our full and half pan catering can be picked up and brought to your hosting location. Just give us a call at Bucceto’s, make your picks, and we’ll let you know when your catering is ready to be picked up. Half pans feed between 8 and 10 guests, while our full pans are suited for 16 to 20. Our catering menu includes our vegan pizza and gluten-free picks to ensure every guest leaves satisfied.
If you’d rather get a little more relaxation this holiday season, why not let Bucceto’s take care of the holiday hosting for you? Give us a call today to see about our party room reservation or our Bucceto’s catering!

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