Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus Brings You Comforting Fall Favorites

Fall is the ultimate comfort food season. Few pleasures in life are quite like getting cozy inside during a chilly day, gathering around the table, and enjoying loved ones company over your favorite foods. With fall creeping up right around the corner, our Italian restaurant in Columbus is full of all the fall favorites you love for warming up and getting cozy after a long day. With authentic, wholesome, and filling “stick to your ribs” food, our Italian restaurant in Columbus has a little something for everyone when it comes to keeping warm and satisfied as the cool weather season really sets in.
If you’re not quite sure what to order, let us and our owner Paul Heilbrunn give you a little inspiration by outlining some of our favorite fall comfort food dishes at Bucceto’s:
Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus Brings You Comforting Fall Favorites• Campfire pizza Pizza is America’s absolute favorite comfort food, and our Campfire pizza is a delightful treat filled with all the flavors of autumn. This hot and fresh pizza is topped with smoked sausage, sweet onion marmalade, gorgonzola, and fresh rosemary to give you that feeling of sitting around a bonfire as the leaves crunch under your feet. A different spin on the traditional pizza, you’ll still get the benefit of all of Bucceto’s freshest flavors.
• Bama Jam pizza – For the vegetarian crowd looking for a tasty fall pizza, we have our Bama Jam. This pizza features pecans, sweet onion marmalade, gorgonzola, and fresh rosemary; a take on the campfire that is perfect to feed those with vegetarian dietary needs. This and the Campfire pizza can be made with gluten-free crust for those who need to keep gluten out.
• Lasagna – Lasagna is a classic warm comfort dish that fills you up in the best possible way. Our Lasagna is beefy, big, and bouncy for the perfect fluffy texture in every single bite.
• Pasta Fagole – A hot bowl of soup is a perfect dinner or accompaniment to your meal. Our Pasta Fagole is made fresh and warms you up just when you need it the most.
With our extensive Bucceto’s menu, we have a little something for every fall flavor. If you’re looking for the perfect warm you up from the inside out dish, come see what we’re serving up at our Italian restaurant in Columbus today.

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