Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus Is Prepared For Your Whole Party 

We at Bucceto’s want to be the Italian restaurant in Columbus that’s for everyone! We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn work hard to make sure that every dietary need, every taste, and every “hankering” is well taken care of whenever any of our customers place an online order, make a call, or step foot in Bucceto’s. How we’re preparing for your whole party at our Italian restaurant in Columbus: 


Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus Is Prepared For Your Whole Party
  • We have an extensive gluten-free menu – Gluten free pizza made with rice flour crust, pasta dishes made with no gluten spaghetti, sandwiches on gluten-free bread, and protein rich gluten-free chicken entrees fill our menu with options for everyone. We even have a flour-free chocolate torte on our dessert menu to make sure all sweet teeth are satisfied! From when you sit down with an appetizer, to when you dig into dessert, our no gluten patrons can enjoy a meal they really love. 
  • We have dishes for the vegan and vegetarian crowds – Our new vegan pizza at our Italian restaurant in Columbus is a fast favorite with our vegan customers. It uses our wholesome delicious crust, robust sauce, vegan cheese, and optional veggie or vegan sausage toppings. For our vegetarian customers, we have plenty of vegetarian specialty pizzas, salads, pasta dishes, soups, and sandwiches to enjoy. You don’t have to have meat or animal by-products to enjoy a great meal at Bucceto’s
  • Low carb is no problem – At Bucceto’s we’re also catering to those customers who are looking for something hot, delicious, and filling, but without all the carbs bulking up their meal. Our Chicken Torino and Baked Roman Holiday are fresh chicken entrees that focus on fresh Italian flavors, so you can dig right in without worrying about cheating on your low-carb diet. All the flavor and none of the guilt? That’s the kind of satisfaction we’re aiming for at Bucceto’s! 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional meal, a vegan meal, something tasty and vegetarian, a low-carb entrée, or a gluten-free and worry-free dish, we have just what you want when you want it the most. What are you picking the next time you look at our inclusive Italian restaurant in Columbus?

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