Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus Is Serving Up Refreshing Beverages

For the full Italian restaurant in Columbus experience, it’s not solely about the food. While our food at Bucceto’s is our shining star, we want to provide you with an authentic experience from the top right on down. We wouldn’t be able to provide an authentic Italian restaurant in Columbus experience without beverages to go with your food, and we have a few top picks that go with just about everything on our menu:

Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus Is Serving Up Refreshing Beverages • Stella Artois – Stella Artois is a Belgian classic, but it fits right in with our Italian restaurant in Columbus experience. This Belgian pilsner has a mild malt and light hoppy flavor, which makes it pair particularly well with any of our richer Italian dishes. The lightness of the beer has a great ability to cut through the fat of a dish, making it a perfect accompaniment to cheese pizza, our beefy lasagna, or our chicken entrees.

• Elysian Spacesuit IPA – Elysian Spacesuit IPA is a complex beer, filled with a complex blend of malts, grains, and hops. It goes particularly well with spicy dishes, so if you’re looking to dive into some of our Diavolo pasta or you’re thinking about choosing some spicier pizza toppings, this is the ideal beer to cool down and cleanse the palate.

• Michelob Ultra – If you’re looking for a lighter take on a classic, look no further than the American style lager Michelob Ultra. Known for a refreshing body with a clean finish, Michelob Ultra pairs particularly well with our cheesy dishes, like pizza, or our lighter fares like salads, sandwiches, and even soups.

We’re always ready to give you the full Italian restaurant in Columbus experience at Bucceto’s, and this rings true whether you’re pairing your dishes with a refreshing beer or not. Stop by Bucceto’s today to let us show you what our Italian restaurant experience is all about!

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