Pair The Perfect Beer With Your Fall Favorites At Bucceto’s

Now that we’re fully into fall, there is no better time for some comfort food washed down with a refreshing cold beer. At Bucceto’s, we have brews at both our Bloomington and Columbus locations that complement everything on our Bucceto’s menu, and we want to help you to make the perfect pairing. We’re not just talking about pizza; we think that every item on our menu could be made better with the ideal beverage pairing that really brings out the most these flavors have to offer.
Pair The Perfect Beer With Your Fall Favorites At Bucceto’s If you’re stopping by our Bucceto’s Columbus location, we have bottles of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, and there is no better flavor for really embracing the feeling of fall. If you want a perfectly paired autumnal combination, we suggest pairing your bottle with our Campfire Smiling Teeth pizza combination. Like an evening spent by a campfire, the Campfire Smiling Teeth pizza is topped with smoked sausage, sweet onion marmalade, gorgonzola cheese, and fresh rosemary. The herbal, smoky, and salty notes dance beautifully with the sweetness of a cold bottle of Angry Orchard.
For those stopping by Bucceto’s in Bloomington for our gluten free menu, we also have something just for you. Omission Lager is gluten-free beer, and it’s one that goes particularly well with our classic no gluten sandwich picks. Our gluten-free meatball sub, in particular, finds a perfect complement in the fresh and refreshing Omission Lager. Not only do you get a full and completely satisfying meal experience, but you get one without any fear of gluten getting in!
If pasta is what you’re after, try pairing a Stella Artois from our Bloomington location with our Fettucine Alfredo. The crisp and light bubbliness of the Stella Artois is the perfect palate cleanser, while the flavor of the beer never overpowers the flavor of the alfredo sauce. Few foods stick to your ribs and warm you up in the fall quite like pasta, and Stella Artois is an ideal pairing if you’re looking to indulge in delightful Fettucine Alfredo.
For a light warming lunch, we recommend our Tomato Basil soup, which you can pair with the perfect Two Hearted Ale at our Columbus location. This ale features a toasted bread-like body that works beautifully with the tomato soup, and a crispness that really cleanses the palate between bites or courses.

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