Pairing Cider With Our Gluten Free Pizza Bloomington

Our gluten free pizza Bloomington is a star of our menu, and something we’re really proud of here at Bucceto’s. Made from delicious rice flour to ensure great flavor and zero gluten “traces” or cross-contamination, it’s then topped with any number of toppings to create your ideal pie.
Pizza and beer is a classic combination, and one that is a comfort meal staple for many Americans. For those who require a gluten free diet due to intolerances or allergies, you may think you’re left out of this trend due to the presence of gluten in both traditional pizza and most beer. At Bucceto’s in Bloomington, our Magner’s Irish Cider is gluten-free by nature, and it’s a beverage we believe goes beautifully with many of our fresh made gluten free pizza Bloomington choices.
A few gluten free Bloomington pizza choices we believe go great with a cold Magner’s Irish Cider are:
Pairing Cider With Our Gluten Free Pizza Bloomington• Margherita pizza – Magner’s is both crisp and fresh, and it has a perfect balance of semi-sweet to semi-dry. This allows the cider to never overpower our gluten free pizza Bloomington Margherita variety, but all the crispness to cut through the flavors and allow the freshness to shine. Our Margherita pizza uses fresh garlic, fresh basil, and fresh tomatoes, which are perfectly accented by the fresh apple flavors the cider holds inside. The crisp bite of the cider cuts right through the salt and fat of the fontina cheese seamlessly.
• Basil pesto – With our create your own gluten-free pizza varieties, you can choose the toppings that go onto your pizza from our extensive toppings list. If you’re going with a basil pesto pizza, we love how Magner’s really brings out the rustic nature of the pie. Using 17 varieties of apples, Magner’s Irish Cider has a natural farmhouse rustic appeal, which really complements the flavor of a gluten free basil pesto pizza beautifully.
• Mushroom and cheese pizza – Mushroom and cheese pizza really embraces how earthy a great pizza can be, and the apple flavor of the cider embraces this earthiness without a hint of clash. Additionally, the crispness of the cider really balances out the cheese of the pizza and allows you the ability to even better appreciate the rustic mushroom notes.
Our gluten free pizza Bloomington gives you limitless options of what your pizza can be, and every bite is even more delicious than the last. Stop in to Bucceto’s to see what no gluten pizza and cider pairings you love today!

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