Perfect Brew Pairings At Our Pizza Restaurant

If you’re kicking back to relax after a long week with a delicious pizza, we at Bucceto’s want to make sure you have everything you need to make your meal experience complete. Our pizza restaurant in Bloomington is serving up all of the brews you need to round out that tasty slice whether you’re going for something plain, grabbing one of our specialty pies, or creating your own perfect pizza. Some pairings we’re loving right now are:
• Stella Artois with a plain pie – Stella Artois is a bit of a lighter beer, but it works beautifully with a crispy, salty, and beautifully basic pizza. Our pizza shines thanks to its ingredients, which is one of the reasons why our plain pie is so great at standing on its own two feet. The next time you order a plain pie, balance out the flavor with a crisp and refreshing bottle of cold Stella Artois and let those ingredients shine.
• Budweiser and pepperoni pizza – A classic deserves a classic, which is why we love pairing a cold Budweiser with our delightfully traditional pepperoni pizza. The cold and crisp clean flavor of the Budweiser is perfect for cutting the spice, salt, and fat you experience in each bite of pepperoni pie.
• Corona and Cactus Delectus – If you’re looking for a pairing that goes a bit away from the classic and into the unique, we suggest pairing a cold Corona with our Cactus Delectus specialty pizza. It’s well known that Corona pairs beautifully with spicy and bold flavors, and it’s just what you’re looking for to balance out the intense chorizo, chilies, bell peppers, and cilantro in the Cactus Delectus pie.
Perfect Brew Pairings At Our Pizza Restaurant• Elysian Space Dust IPA and Ultimate Warrior – If you want a flavor experience to rival all flavor experiences, we love pairing the Elysian Space Dust IPA with our supreme Ultimate Warrior. The Ultimate Warrior has a lot of flavors in play, so you want a brew that stands up to the flavor without throwing the experience out of balance. The IPA is bold enough to hold its own against the Ultimate Warrior, but still gives you the clean and crisp bite you’re craving.
Out of all possible pairings, our favorite pairing at Bucceto’s is your favorite! Stop in to see us at our pizza restaurant today and show us what your favorite pizza and brew pairing is.

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