Pizza Delivery In Bloomington For Your Backyard Picnic

What could be better than sitting on a blanket in the backyard after a day of fun in the sun? Backyard picnic season is in full swing here in Bloomington and we at Bucceto’s want to be your picnic go-to! Our pizza is fresh, wholesome, made to order, and portable, making it the perfect picnic food whether you’re setting up on a blanket, sitting at a picnic table, or just hanging out on the porch watching the sun go down. 


Pizza Delivery In Bloomington For Your Backyard Picnic

Our pizza delivery in Bloomington is simple and you never even have to dial the phone. Just use this link then you can browse our complete delivery menu, build your own pizza, choose between traditional, gluten free, or vegan pies, and even tack on all those appetizers or desserts you love. Our pizza combinations are also available for pizza delivery in Bloomington if you want to try something delicious and completely unique. 


Once you’ve made your pizza picks, you can pay for your pizza. DoorDash will let you follow your pizza from when we get your order to when it arrives at your door, and then your pizza picnic will be ready to begin. A few paper plates, maybe some cutlery, good company, cold drinks, and our pizza are the perfect recipe for a perfect outdoor summer evening! 


We realize that not every night is a pizza picnic night here in Bloomington, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the pie! If the weather just isn’t cooperating, you can always set your picnic up right on the floor for an indoor pizza picnic night the whole family will love. Follow your pizza up with a movie and you have the perfect memory-making summer night. 


We at Bucceto’s are here to make your summer special. From our pizza delivery in Bloomington, to our catering for all of your special events, we’re bringing our wholesome and authentic Italian fares to your family all year round. If you’re thinking of enjoying an outdoor picnic, find us on DoorDash, place your order, and we can’t wait to make your night special. 


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