Pizza Delivery In Columbus Makes After Practice Dinner Simple

School is getting back in session all throughout Columbus, and this means practices are starting back up, too. Whether you have one school-aged child in your home or several, juggling a new school schedule with your own schedule can make things hectic pretty fast. We at Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn to make sure you have one thing taken care of with our pizza delivery in Columbus!
The average school day, plus practice or games, might leave kids coming home at around 5 or 5:30 in the evening, and when parents get home they need to make sure the kids get home safely. When everyone gets back in the door at the dinner-time hour of 5 pm, no parent wants to rush in to start making dinner immediately! Rather than breaking out the ingredients and settling in for an hour in the kitchen, why not open your favorite food delivery app for a little Bucceto’s favorite instead?
Pizza Delivery In Columbus Makes After Practice Dinner SimpleOur pizza delivery in Columbus is exceptionally simple to use. Using your favorite food delivery service app first search Bucceto’s to bring up our menu. From the menu you can choose a gluten-free pizza, vegan pizza, or traditional pie, along with our specialty pizzas or create your own pizzas alongside all of our fresh Bucceto’s toppings. Make your choices and you’re ready to pay and check out right from your app!
After you’ve checked out with your order, you’ll be able to follow your order from its preparation to its pickup, to when it’s dropped off at your home. This way you’ll always know just how far along your delicious dinner is. You may even opt for no-contact delivery for a safer and more comfortable experience.
We know how busy those schedules can get once school is back in session, practices and games are going, and parents still have to work, cook, and find quality time to spend with family. We value family time at Bucceto’s, so we want to be here to make one decision simple for you and yours. If you’re looking for something easy, delicious, and sure to be a hit for dinner tonight, check out what we’re delivering at Bucceto’s today!

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