Pizza In Bloomington Is Vegan-Friendly

While we at Bucceto’s love our traditional pies, we know that our vegan customers should be able to enjoy an incredible slice of pizza as well. For this reason, we worked hard to develop vegan pizza in Bloomington that we can truly be proud of.


What Our Vegan Pizza In Bloomington Is Made Of


Pizza In Bloomington Is Now Vegan-FriendlyOur vegan pizza starts with our gluten-free crust, which is then smothered with our tomato sauce. Our traditional sauce has a touch of parmesan cheese, so we opted for our classic tomato sauce to keep that same great flavor without the dairy. It’s robust, herbal, earthy, and sweet –– everything you want on a great pizza!


Blanketing the sauce is a vegan cheese blend. We created this to mimic our traditional mozzarella blend, but it’s made entirely from dairy-free cheeses. You’ll find you get the same stretch, flavor, and satisfying mouth feel from our vegan cheese as you would from a traditional cheese blend.


Take It Up A Notch With Vegan Toppings


You can take your pizza as is, or you can toss on some toppings to really make your vegan pizza truly your own. We have vegan sausage along with over a dozen veggie toppings to create a pizza you can’t wait to dig into. Choose from yellow bell peppers, capers, cilantro, artichoke hearts, and so much more!


Our vegan cheese and sausage also go well with our California sun-ripened tomatoes. Love meat? We dare you to try our vegan pizza. It’s something both plant-loving folks and meat lovers will surely enjoy.


At Bucceto’s, we love showing off what we can do with a great vegan pie! If you’re in the mood for a good plant-based pizza in Bloomington or just want to try something new, drop by and see us tonight.


You can also order directly from our website –– simply click here to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine without meat and dairy right at home.