Pizza In Columbus With A Rustic Flair

Pizza can be spicy, it can be sweet, it can be salty, smoky, unique, classic, and a little bit of all of the above. In the cool weather season, however, we really see an uptick in demand for rustic flavored pies. At Bucceto’s, our pizza in Columbus embraces all of the earthy and rustic flavors of the season, especially with our extensive toppings list. With our create your own pie option, you can try rustic flavors from all angles, and some of our favorites are:
• Bacon, new potato, and thyme – There are few side dishes cozier than a well seasoned potato, and you can have this same experience with your pizza. Smoky and salty bacon, earthy new potato, and herbal thyme join forces to make your pizza something entirely new. With balanced earthy flavor, it’s a great starting point for trying rustic pizza flavors.
Pizza In Columbus With A Rustic Flair• Smoked sausage, mushroom, meatballs – A good rustic pizza can be fresh and balanced, or it can go more toward the rich side of the scale. A pizza topped with smoked sausage, mushroom, and meatballs gives you a meal that embraces a rustic feeling while remaining purely stick-to-the-ribs hearty.
• Onion marmalade, rosemary, new potato – Sweet, herbal, and perfect for creating a vegetarian take on a rustic pizza, we’re also loving the combination of rosemary, new potato, and onion marmalade. New potato takes on a balancing act with the earthiness needed to ground the sweetness of the marmalade as it marries in the freshness and aromatics of rosemary into the whole flavor profile.
• Green onions, fresh garlic, sausage, and smoked gouda – Smokey and fresh, green onions, fresh garlic, sausage, and smoked gouda is a rich take on hearty and rustic comfort food pizza. Sausage adds a certain zest to cut the richness of the smoked gouda, while garlic and green onions are in charge of upping the flavor profile with distinct freshness.
If you’re stopping by for some pizza in Columbus at Bucceto’s, why not try something a little different with this pie? We have the rustic flavors you want to explore a whole new realm of delicious pizza at Bucceto’s!

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