Planning Your Pizza Bloomington Birthday Party

What’s a birthday all about? Good people, good times, and – of course – good food! Here at Bucceto’s we’re here to help you in planning your pizza Bloomington birthday party right here at our West 3rd location. We have all your Bucceto’s favorites as well as a private party room perfect for celebrating the evening away.


 Planning Your Pizza Bloomington Birthday Party

Our West 3rd location private party room seats 10 to 30 guests, and the entire room may be reserved for parties of 20 to 30. You can bring in balloons, gifts, and all the bits and pieces that make for a great party, and our servers will be here to help you make sure the whole celebration goes off without a hitch. What could be better than food and fun with our Bloomington famous Bucceto’s hospitality?


At Bucceto’s we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn put a whole lot of consideration into our inclusive menu. For this reason, planning your pizza Bloomington birthday party is easy and delicious with us. For parties accommodating gluten-free guests, we have an extensive gluten-free menu that includes pizza and more. Our gluten-free pizza is made with rice flour crust, our tasty wholesome tomato sauce, tasty cheese, and any number of no gluten toppings to choose from. If you’re thinking about something a little different, gluten-free pasta dishes are another big hit made with our no gluten spaghetti and your choice of sauce.


For vegetarian and vegan guests, we also serve up some truly delicious vegetarian and vegan pies. Our vegan pizza is made with traditional crust, our house made sauce, vegan cheese, and your choice of vegan sausage and any number of vegan toppings.


At Bucceto’s, our West 3rd location is perfect for any sort of birthday party. For the grown-ups at the table, we have delicious ice-cold beer for you and your guests to enjoy. Magner’s Irish Cider is available for those who would prefer to leave gluten out of their delicious Bucceto’s dinner, and those with traditional tastes can enjoy a Corona, Stella Artois, Guinness, Omission Lager, and more.


If you’re looking to make a birthday extra special this year, whether for the kids, grown-ups, or both, we at Bucceto’s West 3rd are ready to help you celebrate! Give us a call, make a reservation, and we can’t wait to work on the perfect menu with you.

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