Putting A Little Spice In Your Gluten Free Pizza Bloomington

Our gluten-free pizza Bloomington is already bursting with flavor, but what if you want to toss a little spice in the mix? At Bucceto’s we have dozens of fresh toppings to choose from, including those for our adventurous pizza patrons looking to put some heat on their favorite pie.


 Putting A Little Spice In Your Gluten Free Pizza Bloomington Before diving into our spicy toppings, you might be wondering – what’s so special about your gluten free pizza Bloomington? First and foremost, it’s all in the crust. Our gluten-free pizza crust is made using wholesome rice flour, allowing us to create a pie that has all the texture, all the flavor, and all the substance of a traditional pizza while leaving out the gluten you don’t want. Topping that crust is our signature sauce made from sun dried tomatoes, herbs, and parmesan cheese, and our delicious comforting cheese blend. This is what forms the foundation for your gluten free pizza Bloomington, and the fun is just getting started!


We know that everyone has a different favorite pie. For some, their favorite pizza might change from day to day! One day you’re in the mood for a classic like pepperoni or sausage, the next you’re in the market for something unique and cozy using new potatoes and onion marmalade. For this reason, we offer dozens of toppings you can pick from to create your own pie. We made sure to not leave out our spicy food lovers, and a few of our spicy toppings we’d like to highlight include:


• Chilies or Chili oil – Chilies are a classic kick, and at Bucceto’s you can get that touch of chili spice in two different ways. Our fresh chilies give you the texture and the earthiness of the pepper, while our chili oil focuses a bit more on the heat.


• Chorizo sausage – Sausage and pizza are a classic combination, but why not add a bit of spice? Our Chorizo sausage has the sweet smokiness you love in a sausage, but with a bit of extra heat. With a mild to moderate spice, it’s perfect for those who just want to put a kick in a traditional pie.


• Hot Italian Sausage – If you’re looking for more of a classic sausage flavor, our hot Italian sausage may be a preferable option to our Chorizo sausage.


• Jalapeno – Jalapeno is versatile, it’s delicious, and it’s right here at Bucceto’s for your spicy pizza! We love pairing it with cilantro, green onion, and Chorizo sausage for a southwest take on a great spicy pie.


At Bucceto’s, we want to be where you turn when you have a craving for great gluten free pizza Bloomington. Whether it’s spicy, cozy, or even a little sweet, we can’t wait to make your new favorite.