Serving Up Favorites At Your Party Venue In Columbus

When you’re looking to have a party in the Columbus area, finding a party venue is the way to go. With a party venue, you’re spared the extra stress of hosting at home, and all of the extra work that comes along with it. The cleaning, the preparation, the cooking, and the cleanup can turn a simple celebration into an all weekend long job. Your party venue will allow you to take your party elsewhere, and it gives you a way to really enjoy yourself and celebrate instead of stress and work.
Serving Up Favorites At Your Party Venue in Columbus Choosing your party venue isn’t the only job you have when throwing a celebration, even when you take that celebration to another location. Aside from the setting of a party, the most important thing to consider is the food, and we have you covered at Bucceto’s for your party venue in Columbus. At Bucceto’s, our party catering services bring all of your favorite Bucceto’s favorites right to you, and these can be picked up by you or delivered by us as you require. Your food is ready to go at your party venue in Columbus, and you’ll be ready to celebrate as soon as those first guests arrive.
Getting your Bucceto’s catering is simple, as we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn wanted to provide the most customer friendly experience possible with our catering services. Simply take a look at our Columbus Bucceto’s menu, pick out your favorite catering picks, and then choose the size you’ll need for your celebration. Sandwiches can be ordered individually, while other dishes will be ordered by the half or full pan. A half pan portion is enough to feed between 8 and 10 guests, while a full pan will feed between 16 and 20.
We at Bucceto’s ask that you give us at least 24 hours’ notice before calling in your catering order, but we understand that sometimes time gets away from you. For these crunch orders, we’ll do our best to accommodate whatever it may be that you need. If you’re looking for the perfect food to serve up at your party venue in Columbus, come see what we have ready to make for you at Bucceto’s!

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