Should You Be Ordering Gluten Free Pizza Columbus?

Millions of Americans are learning more and more about gluten intolerances and allergies each year, which is leading many of these same individuals to go gluten free. Gluten allergies are relatively rare compared to gluten intolerances, but they can cause severe immune responses when gluten is introduced into the body in any way. Gluten intolerances can be a little foggier, causing a myriad of strange or seemingly unrelated symptoms that can go on for years before an individual realizes that gluten could be the root cause. When someone chooses to go gluten free, one of their main concerns is if they’ll have to give up all of their favorites or if they’ll be able to find places they like to eat. At Bucceto’s, our gluten free pizza Columbus is serving up the best of the best to all of our Columbus area patrons!
Gluten intolerances can manifest in a ton of different ways, and some of the most common are:
Should You Be Ordering Gluten Free Pizza Columbus? • Bloated – Do you feel too full after you’ve eaten, but you haven’t eaten enough to feel as full as you do? Bloating is one of the most common symptoms of a gluten intolerance, with most noting that this is the one thing that tipped them off to their intolerance in the first place. If you tend to bloat up after consuming gluten, switching to gluten free could be your solution.
• Headaches – Especially in our screen-friendly world, headaches aren’t a very uncommon symptom. It could be from a tough day, too much screen time, or too little sleep the night before, but it could be from a gluten intolerance as well. If your headaches seem to come about after you’ve had gluten, it might be time to try out gluten free.
• Muscle pain Joint and muscle pain can be caused by any number of things, and included in this is a gluten intolerance. Pain in your muscles and joints, especially when that pain happens regularly, could be addressed by switching to gluten free.
At Bucceto’s our gluten free pizza Columbus gives you a way to enjoy your favorite comfort food with no worry of the symptoms that come along with a gluten intolerance! We make our no gluten pizza Columbus using rice flour crust, so there’s no risk of cross contamination, and can choose any number of toppings you like. If you’re not up for pizza, we also serve up gluten free pasta, no gluten starters, and other dishes so there’s always something on the menu you’ll love to eat. If you’re thinking of going gluten free, stop by Bucceto’s today to see just how tasty skipping the gluten can be!

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