Showcasing Our Top 4 Bloomington Food Delivery Pasta Dishes

While pizza might be a big fan favorite when it comes to our Bloomington food delivery, we at Bucceto’s want it to be known that we offer a lot more than just great pies! Our pasta dishes are also crowd favorites, and we can bring these to your door as well.


While you can never go wrong with any pasta dish on our menu, we want to introduce you to four of our favorites:Showcasing Our Top 4 Bloomington Food Delivery Pasta Dishes


  • Diavolo


Whether you get the mild, medium, or spicy version, you’re always bound to have a delicious meal! Our Diavolo is served with linguine or our gluten-free spaghetti, and it’s a real classic whether you’re topping it off with a protein of your choice or taking it plain.


We offer either chicken or shrimp to go along with this classic sauce. If you’ve never tried our pasta dinners before, we recommend trying this one.


  • Basil Pesto


Freshness is the goal with our Basil Pesto, and we really nailed it with this one! With linguine, fettuccine, or our gluten-free spaghetti, this herby and rich sauce can be served with pasta alone or alongside our fresh grilled chicken.


If you’re in the mood for a light yet flavorful pasta dinner, ordering our Basil Pesto is your best bet.


  • Jumbo Ravioli


When we say jumbo, we’re not kidding around! These big, beefy, pasta pockets are traditionally served with meat sauce. However, we also have a vegetarian option.


The vegetarian ravioli is stuffed with cheese or spinach and served with our delicious tomato sauce instead. Whether you go traditional or meatless, you get five ultra-satisfying jumbo raviolis to enjoy.


  • Rosemary Cream Chicken


One of our favorite comfort pasta dinners is none other than our Rosemary Cream Chicken. This dish features our fresh fettuccine topped with slices of sautéed chicken, earthy mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes, all drenched in a rich rosemary cream sauce. You get salty, savory, fresh, earthy, and creamy in every single delectable bite.


Whether you’re indulging in beef ravioli or going light with our basil pesto, all of our pasta dinners come with warm garlic bread and a classic side salad. For the salad, you can choose from any of our house-made dressings.


Our Bloomington food delivery is always here to cater to your every craving, especially when that craving has to do with delicious pasta. If you’re thinking about having pasta for dinner tonight, order here, and let us bring over one of our recommendations!