Sip & Savor: Wine Pairings From Our Bucceto’s Menu

Our selection of red and white wines was chosen to complement the items on Bucceto’s menu. In an authentic Italian dining experience, all elements are considered.


Your appetizer will prepare your appetite for the entrée, your dessert will cap off the meal with a little something sweet, and what brings it all together is the wine you have at the table.


If you’re new to pairing wine with Italian cuisine, we have some suggestions you’re sure to enjoy:


  • Sip & Savor: Wine Pairings From Our Bucceto's MenuPinot Noir – Our rich, hearty Pinot Noir is a favorite at Bucceto’s during the cold season. This wine has flavor notes of rich red berries, earthy mushrooms, forest air, and robust spices.


One of the dishes we love pairing it with is our Ravioli. For meat-loving patrons, this means our Jumbo Beef Ravioli with meat sauce. For vegetarian customers, we have Spinach Ravioli in a zesty fresh tomato sauce.


  • Chardonnay – On the opposite end of the spectrum is our refreshing Chardonnay. This white wine features notes of melon, pear, oak, and vanilla, making it a light and tasty choice to pair with some of our lighter dishes.


A pairing we love with a glass of Chardonnay is our Chicken Piccata. In this dish are slices of chicken sauteed in fresh lemon butter and caper sauce on top of our delicious linguine.


The Chardonnay’s fruity notes perfectly complement the lemon in the Chicken Piccata, while the dry bite of the wine cuts through the fat of the butter in the sauce.


  • Chianti Classico – Going back to a rich and hearty red, our Chianti Classico is a perfect match for our fresh tomato-based sauces. One pairing we can’t get enough of is a glass of Chianti alongside our classic Bucceto’s cheese pizza.


The fruity, herbal wine enhances the rich flavors in our pizza sauce while cutting the fat in the cheese for a balanced experience in every bite.


We made sure to develop a wine menu that allows you to have a complete dining experience each time you drop by one of our locations. If you’re ready for a great pairing, we have suggestions for every taste, perfectly complementing the diverse offerings on the Bucceto’s menu!