Something For Everyone At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington

We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn created Bucceto’s to be the Italian restaurant in Bloomington for everyone. We want to make sure that every customer who walks through our doors knows that they’re going to sit down and have an experience they can really enjoy, and that this rings true whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or follow a traditional diet. To do this we make sure to offer something for everyone, and to make sure these offerings are all equally fresh, delicious, and wholesome from the first bite to the last. A few picks we have for all of our Italian restaurant in Bloomington customers at Bucceto’s are:
• Vegan – Bucceto’s in Bloomington is now offering vegan pizza, a true jewel for our vegan customers! We use our wholesome handmade crust, top it with robust tomato sauce, top that with a vegan cheese blend, and finish it off with any number of your favorite vegan toppings. The cheese is made completely plant based, but we made sure it has the same stretch, flavor, and comforting nature as the cheeses used in our traditional pies. Optional vegan sausage tastes just like the real thing but without any animal derived ingredients.
Something For Everyone At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington• Gluten-free – Our gluten-free pizza and pasta dishes are made with gluten-free spaghetti or rice flour pizza dough, giving you an authentic and delicious experience you can feel good about. Our gluten-free alternatives to our pasta and pizza are so good we encourage our traditional diet customers to give them a try just to see if they can taste the difference!
• Low-carb – With so many taking on healthy eating resolutions in the new year, we wanted to make sure to have some tasty low-carb options on our Italian restaurant in Bloomington menu. One big low carb favorite here at Bucceto’s is our Chicken Torino; chicken breasts with Monterey jack, pesto, toasted pecans, bacon, and sauteed mushrooms for a truly memorable flavor experience!
Whether you’re eating traditionally, you’re craving something delicious and gluten-free, you’re in the mood for tasty vegan comfort food, or you want a low-carb dish that’s truly satisfying, we have just what you’re looking for right here at Bucceto’s. Stop in with your party today to see what we’re serving up just for you!

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