Spend More Quality Time By Catering Your Family Events

Two of the most stressful parts of hosting family are the cooking and the cleaning that comes up afterward. Catering in Bloomington gives you a whole new option when it comes to hosting loved ones, and an experience that allows you all the fun without any of the stressful prep. Catering with the best pizza in Bloomington and Columbus brings a hometown favorite to you, something all your guests will love, and you don’t have to lift a finger to make it!
A few reasons to think about catering with Bucceto’s are:
• Offer versatility – You don’t always have time to make a few appetizers, a couple entrees, a handful of desserts, and all the sides to go with them. With our catering in Bloomington or catering in Columbus, you don’t have to pick and choose what you have time to make. Pizza, pasta, meatballs, sides, salads, and anything else you’d like can feed your family gatherings of any size.
• Save your time – Preparing your own food for your family events takes more time than just the actual cooking. You research recipes, you go to the grocery store and buy your ingredients, you prep all your ingredients, you cook the food, and then you’re stuck cleaning up after all of that cooking afterward. When you opt for catering, you simply make a call, pick it up, and you’re ready to have a good time.
• One more thing taken care of – A family get together for the holidays takes a lot. You need to consider decorations, gifts if the occasion calls for them, cooking, cleaning, arranging the home for guests and mingling, and feeding everyone. With Bucceto’s catering, that’s one less thing you need to worry yourself over. Cooking, feeding, and much of the cleaning are all checked off the list.
Spend More Quality Time By Catering Your Family Events • Better attention to detail – If presentation is important to you, you’ll know it takes some time to perfect. When you’re busy preparing and serving, you might not have time to present in the way you really want to. With catering, you can get your food home and present it in a way that shows the kind of attention to detail you pay to a family gathering experience!
Family events should be about enjoying your family, not all of the work that goes into hosting a gathering. With catering from Bucceto’s everyone gets something they’ll love and the only effort you need to put into the experience is choosing your catering menu, making a call, and picking it up when its ready. If you’re thinking of a new way to entertain this season, call us about our catering today!

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