Summertime Toppings For Your Gluten Free Pizza

Summertime Toppings For Your Gluten Free PizzaOur gluten free pizza is something we take great pride in at Bucceto’s, and we have plenty of toppings available to create your own perfect summer pie. We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn believe that there’s absolutely no wrong time for pizza, and that the flavors you choose to incorporate into your pie can really transform the experience you’re about to have. Our gluten free pizza is made safely and with your complete comfort in mind. We use high quality rice flour in our gluten free dough, and this is done to ensure no cross-contamination or risk of gluten presence. By using rice flour, we’re able to ensure safety and deliciousness to those with gluten intolerances or allergies!
When it comes to crafting a summertime gluten free pizza, we suggest ordering a “create your own” pie and taking a look at our myriad of gluten free toppings. Some of our favorites for creating a summer pie include:
• Basil pesto
• Fresh basil
• Cilantro
• Clams
• Feta cheese
• Green onions
• Pineapple
• Red bell peppers
• Spinach
• Sun dried tomato
• Yellow bell peppers
If you’re looking for freshness and brightness, our light and wholesome toppings are the perfect choice for bringing out the most in your gluten free pizza. However, those aren’t the only choices you have! For a smokehouse or BBQ feel, we also have toppings like sausage (traditional and vegan), smoked gouda, hamburger, bacon, and more to make your pie feel like it’s been inspired by your very own backyard summertime grill.
Our gluten free pizza can be made traditionally or using vegan ingredients to cater to our vegan and gluten free customers. We have both vegan cheese and vegan sausage to top our vegan and gluten free pies, as well as a plethora of veggie ingredients with no animal by-product cross contamination. Summertime pizza should be for everyone, so we make sure we have something that everyone in your family can enjoy!
If you’ve never tried gluten free pizza, there’s no better time than the present! Stop by at Bucceto’s in Bloomington or Columbus and give one of our gluten free pizzas a try today!

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