Tailgating And Pizza – A Match Made In Heaven

Sometimes, two things just go together so perfectly that it seems like a match made in heaven. Chocolate and peanut butter are a great example. Another is pizza and tailgating, and as the fall approaches and tailgating season begins it’s natural to start looking at great options when you’re trying to feed your friends at the party. Finger foods, hearty, spicy snacks, dips, and other foods are all among the go-to foods for a tailgating menu. But pizza is something that simply can’t be overlooked and that will offer you plenty to love whenever game day arrives.

Taking a closer look at this simple fact can show you why calling in an order of pizza for game day is well worth doing – and can help you get the best Indiana pizza.

Why Pizza Is Worth Adding To Your Tailgating Party

 Tailgating And Pizza - A Match Made In HeavenThere are plenty of different reasons that adding pizza to the menu during a tailgating session is worth doing. Here’s a look at some of the main reasons to think about doing just that.

• It’s Easy – You can call in an order of pizza and save yourself time and effort. You’ll get delicious pizza without any effort or work. Thanks to pizza delivery in Bloomington and Columbus, great pizza is never far away.

• Something For Everyone – There are hundreds of toppings out there and countless topping combinations that you can try. No matter what your friends like, you’ll be able to match up pizzas with everyone’s tastes.

• No Mess – You can easily clean up after a tailgating party when you’re using pizza that comes in cardboard packaging. There are no dishes to wash, nothing to take home, and a great experience.

• Perfect Pairing – Pizza goes great with pretty much everything. From soda to beer to wings to chips, pizza is a great compliment to virtually everything else you could have on the menu. As such, it’s easy to add it to the menu.

What To Add To The Menu

Start off by picking the pizzas that match your tastes, and even think about adding a pizza that nobody’s tried before – unique toppings are fun to try when you’re hanging out with friends before the game. But you can also add some extras to the menu that will give you even more variety and taste when you’re tailgating. Some things to add include:

• Pepperoni bread
• Cheesy garlic bread
• Salads. Don’t hesitate to add several different types to cover everyone’s tastes.
• Hot sandwiches – you can cut these into smaller portions
• Pasta dishes that are big on flavor

The bottom line is that it’s easy to create a great tailgating party when you let pizza round out the menu and give everyone something to eat. Whether you’re teetotaling or washing it down with beers, pizza is a perfect match for every tailgating session. So give us a call for pizza delivery in Bloomington or Columbus, or stop by for carryout and get a few pies for the next game!

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