Takeout Pizza Gives You A Safe And Tasty Dinner Option

With work from home schedules, unexpected homeschooling, and many businesses temporarily closed, preparing dinner each and every night is something that some simply won’t have the energy to do. While cooking at home is a special thing, it’s something that’s time consuming as well. Our takeout pizza at Bucceto’s is here to make sure your family is fed, and you get that down time you need on your busiest or most stressful days.
Ordering our takeout pizza at Bucceto’s is simple, and we offer takeout services at our Bloomington and Columbus locations. To order, simply give us a call with your order, we’ll jot it down, and your pizza will be ready in just a little while. When you stop in, pick up your pizza, and you’re ready to go. If you feel more comfortable paying by phone using a credit card, this can help you to have a more “no contact” experience for optimal safety during these challenging times.
Takeout Pizza Gives You A Safe And Tasty Dinner Option When it comes to your takeout pizza at Bucceto’s, we want to make sure the flavors impress. Your pizza is taken right out of the hot pizza oven and placed into a takeout box, ensuring you get the freshest possible experience. We don’t only offer our traditional pizzas for takeout, but our vegan and gluten-free pizza varieties as well. With each order from Bucceto’s, we want to make sure your entire family gets just what they want, and every experience ends in complete satisfaction.
Our takeout pizza at Bucceto’s gives you the fresh, delicious, and authentic experience of our Bucceto’s pizza right at home. It’s an ideal way to grab something easy on the way home, and to know you’ve chosen something the whole family will get excited for. Our pizzas, vegan cheese and sausage pizzas, no gluten pizzas, and create your own pizzas are all available for easy takeout to be enjoyed at home.
If you’re planning to place a takeout pizza order this week, we can’t wait to see what type of pizza you want us to make!

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