The Authentic Pasta Experience At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus 

It’s not always easy to book a trip to Italy, get airfare, pack your bags, take off for a week, and enjoy authentic Italian pasta. At Bucceto’s, we know that struggle, so we’re proud to provide the area with the best and most authentic pasta around at our Italian restaurant in Columbus. While you’re not sitting bistro-side in Rome, you’ll feel like you are when you take that first delicious, comforting, and flavorful bite! 


The Authentic Pasta Experience At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus

While it’s mostly about the pasta at Bucceto’s, that’s not all it’s about. In order to give you the authentic experience we also focus on the ambiance, the atmosphere, the flavors, and the accompaniments you can get with your pasta to create the most genuine Italian restaurant in Columbus experience. We like to keep our atmosphere warm, welcoming, and friendly, letting you know that you’re there to sit and enjoy your pasta just as you would be if you were in Italy proper. 


While you’re enjoying our atmosphere, we also welcome you to complement your pasta with the perfect glass of wine. Whites to go along with our alfredo, basil pesto, quattro formaggio include Moscato, chardonnay, pino grigio, and sauvignon blanc. If you’re choosing one of our heartier sauces like diavolo, meat sauce, tomato sauce, or even our earthy rosemary cream, we have a selection of reds including merlot, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and chianti for the perfect flavor experience. 


Alongside your pasta, you might enjoy one of our fresh and delicious sides, which can be used to prep your appetite or refresh your palate between bites. Our garlic bread can be ordered with or without cheese, and it’s an excellent vessel for sopping up the rest of the delectable sauce left on the plate once the pasta has been enjoyed. If you’re looking for something fresher, we have a wide variety of salads each with your choice of house made dressing. 


We work hard to provide that authentic pasta experience at our Italian restaurant in Columbus, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it for yourself. The next time you’re craving authentic Italian pasta, which one are you ordering? We can’t want to serve it to you at Bucceto’s!

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